Lab Report Format


Lab Report Format for Grades 6, 7 and 8

Please copy and bring to school to be placed in your lab notebook.

Note: Include name, title, date, and class section at the top of the report.


A statement identifying why the lab was performed.



Background information, concepts, or skills that an individual would need to know in order to fully understand and perform the lab. Do not just list them; explain them.


Equipment Needed:

A list of the equipment needed to perform the lab.  Occasionally, a sketch of the apparatus may be beneficial and / or required.



A step-by-step account of how the lab was performed.  This may be presented in either paragraph form, numbered list, or bulleted list.  It should be thorough enough for someone to follow if they were not present in the class.


Presentation of Data:

All collected data is presented here.  This includes graphs, data tables, calculator regression data, sample calculations and any other gathered information that was necessary to complete the lab.


Data Analysis and Conclusion:

This is where you assess the quality of the data and the meaning of the relationship that the data reveals.  If the data is good, then explain how you could tell.  Similarly, if there seemed to be some error with the data, then explain how you could tell and cite legitimate sources of error.  Human error is not an acceptable response.  Be specific.  If there was an accepted or expected result to compare to, determine the percent error.



Address any teacher-assigned questions here.  Additionally, if the lab or the concept that it pertained to stimulated a question place it here as well.